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Lira Dance school offers classes in Bulgarian folklore dance, Latin dance, character dances, other nations’ folk dances, and elementary theory of music. The school supports also an amateur ensemble and a professional performance company. The dance school adheres to high standards for amateurs and professional dancers alike. Lira Dance stands for dance without borders!

Amateur ensemble

Lira Dance ensemble is an honorary member of the Association of Dance Activists in Bulgaria, and since 2013 – member of UNESCO’s International Council Of Organizations For Folklore Festivals And Folk Art–CIOFF.

Lira Dance amateur ensemble holds two third-place awards for 2010 and 2011 at the competition Grand Dance Prix of Sofia, and in 2013 – second place and the audience award in the category Character Dance in the same competition.

Participation in Latin dance and folklore festivals: Cuba 2007, Dominican Republic 2008, India 2008, Barcelona, Spain 2010, Berlin, Germany 2011, Greece 2011, Ohrid 2012, Rimini, Italy 2013, Thasos Island 2014, Paris 2015, Delhi, India March 2016, Romania May 2016, Peloponnese, Greece September 2016.

Performance Company

Lira Dance’s professional performance company has participated in a number of TV programmes: “Bulgaria seeks talent” on BTV, “On the Third of March with…” on Bulgarian National Television channel in 2010, “Visiting professor Vuchkov” on TV2, New Year programme on BTV in 2010, “On Sunday with” BNT 2011, New Year concert “Stage under the stars” BNT 2011, “Flight at night” BNT 2012, “Wives” NTV 2012, “Women talk about…” TV7 2014.

It has also taken part in New Year and entertaining shows with pop celebrities Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov, Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, Alexander Alexandrov-Alex, in special events of big companies DB Schenker Bulgaria, Zagorka AD, Hotels Management, American College in culture studies, Contract city, Marketing 411, and others.

Dance School

Lira Dance dance school offers classes for children and adults separated in three levels, teaching the art of dance in several genres, and developing dance skills, technical skills and providing theoretical knowledge in elementary theory of music.

The classes in Bulgarian folk dance teach authentic and adapted Bulgarian folk dances (horo).

The classes in other nations’ dances teach Russian dances, Moldovan dance, Greek dances, tarantella, czardas, Russian gypsy dances.

The classes in Latin dance teach salsa, merengue, bachata, cha-cha.

The classes in theory teach elementary theory of music, Bulgarian folk instruments, and ethnography.




It was so glorious out in the country; it was summer; … and here sat a Duck upon her nest; she had to hatch her ducklings…yes, that’s right, that is Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. It is transmitted from mother to son, father to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter. We all know it, we all read it, we all listen to it, and maybe we all have at some time lived it?!

A fairy tale or reality? A dream or a destiny?

One wonderful, captivating and enriching story. A story that we will present to you. A story that you will fall in love with. A story that you will find yourself. Every one of us, little or grownups. A story about the good and beauty, which look for their place under the sun, for their way towards perfection, for the fire in the heart.

Will we find it, will it warm us up?

You will find out! Let the tale speak…

Culture calendar 2016.

Културен календар 2016
09-16.03.2016The World Culture Festival 2016, Delhi India
22-24.05.2016Workshop of Romanian Dances, Timisoara Romania.
23-26.09.2016Folk Dance Festival, Peloponnese Greece